Cellphone and Tablet Repair

It happens to us all.  You think you’ve got a good grip but you don’t.  You bump your knee getting out of the car.  It works it’s way out of your pocket.  You forget its in your pocket and sit on it.  The list goes on forever, but you don’t have to live with a cracked Phone screen.  Here are some cellphone repair options:

1.  Apple Care

You bought an Apple Care plan for $99 with your new phone.  Good Job!  Get online with and make an appointment with your closest apple store.  Drive it to them at the appointed time and they’ll fix your screen or give you a replacement refurbished phone for a deductible of around $79.00.  That's an out of pocket expense of around $180. Keep in mind you can only use this twice for the lifetime of the device. 

2.  Carrier Insurance

You bought insurance through your carrier such as Verizon or AT&T.  You pay a fixed amount per month, usually around $10.  But, in the event you damage your phone and need to file a claim, you can expect a deductible of at least $150.  That's out of pocket money, in addition to what you've already paid each month.

3.  No Apple Care or Out of Warranty Repair

Apple Charges around $129 to replace your iPhone screen.  Details can be found here.   Again, you will need to drive to your nearest Apple Store or mail it in.

4.  3rd Party Cellphone Repair (Repair Shop)

Here’s where it can get tricky and you need to be careful.  Taking your phone to a local shop is an excellent option.  We’d love for you to bring it to us!  However, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Quality – There are many replacement screens available on the market.  Prices range from $50 and up!  The average cost for an iPhone 6 repair is around $120 – $150.  If you’re paying less than that, you need to check the parts your buying.  Cheap LCD and digitizer replacements are plagued by problems.  They are slow to respond, colors are faded or washed out, or they just burn out in a matter of weeks.  Instead you should insist on A+ quality replacements.

If anyone tells you they are replacing your screen with “Genuine Apple” replacement parts, and they do not work for Apple, and you’re not standing in an Apple store or an authorized service center,  then they are lying to you.  Apple does not offer any replacement parts for it’s iPhone products to the public or to repair shops.  The best you can get is A+ or OEM flex cables and glass with OEM LCD’s, or USED apple replacement parts salvaged from other iPhones.

5.  Tech Supply Warehouse (That's Us)

We use only top quality brand new replacement parts from a reputable supplier right here in the USA.  We take pride in our work and we won't sell you parts or service you don't need.  We also stand behind every repair with our own in house warranty. 

Our prices are affordable; many times below Apple's repair price, and our price always includes new glass and digitizer and LCD.

We can repair a wide range of problems with your phone, including battery replacements, charging ports, buttons, cameras, and much more.  

We hope you will give us a try for your next repair.  We know you'll be glad you did.
Much of this article pertains to Apple devices.  We DO repair other brands of mobile devices including Samsung, LG, Motorola, Dell, and most others. 

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